“THRASH” is based on the flagship model “SLAPPY” of POSSESSED SHOE, and a rubber cap is attached to the toes that are heavily worn to improve durability. By adopting a toe cap, it is hard to lose its shape and the life of the shoe can be extended.

“SLAPPY” is a canvas and suede combination shoe, appearing to be simple in design, but it has all the functional features of a genuine skate shoe.  Even among low cut shoes, the opening of this shoe where the foot is inserted is set especially lower so that the moveable area around the ankle is wide,  and because of the vulcanized sole used in its structure,  the board can be felt with the tips of the toes and bottom  of the feet even more sharply.   Because of the high grade density of the urethane insole used for the shock absorbent, durability and absorptive power of impact of the shoe is also high.  The upper side members are formed of two layers: When the first layer made of canvas is scrapped off, the second layer made of suede will appear and so the shoe has gained popularity of having a long life-span.