Special features of the shoes 

1:  Upper

*Strongly made of cotton canvas with expressly a thickness and tension of 14oz.

*Improved endurance by doubling the side part of the toes,  that wear down from Oillie.  Suede placed beneath the canvas of the body surface, creating a double layer, prevents holes from opening up on the body even though the canvas is scraped and extends the lifespan of the shoe.





2:  Sole

*To greatly increase bending and grip ability of the shoes, adherence to the vulcanized sole method with a rubber outsole and foxing tape is being used.


3:  Insole

*Since use of high density Urethane of 5mm for the toe part, 10 mm for the heel portion is set, control ability is superior and shock absorption is high.  Making the back of the insole a honeycomb structure, improvement of endurance has been made.