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Tuff i has an entire upper made of suede. It's soft skate shoes from the beginning. The upper side part that is worn out by OLLIE has a double structure. Nubuck is used for the second layer of material. Nubuck is soft, but it is a durable leather material following the grain leather. Even if there is a hole in the first layer of suede, the nubuck layer is difficult to make a hole, so the shoes will last longer. The sole has developed the POSSESSED SHOE original "Japanese hemp symbol" pattern to improve grip performance. The hemp pattern is a pattern that also includes a strong honeycomb structure. The hardness of the rubber used for the outsole is also set to the hardness considering not only the grip strength but also the durability. Rather than using the sole edge of the shoe, the thickness and hardness of the foxing tape are set so that you can control the board with pinpoint.


Tuff i

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